Meridian Homestay Services has one of the most comprehensive insurance programmes in Australia designed to protect Meridian Homestay students and provide peace of mind to Meridian Homestay Hosts.

Meridian Homestay's insurance programme consists of the following policies:

Meridian Homestay Services Students Personal Effects and Liability Insurance Covering:
  • Student’s Personal Effects covered for up to $5,000 from loss due to fire, theft and other perils in the Host's home
  • Student’s Personal Liability cover of $20,000,000

Cover commences when the student arrives at the Host’s property and finishes when the student departs the Host's property after their stay.

Meridian Homestay Services Public & Products Liability Insurance

Meridian Homestay Services carries $20,000,000 of liability insurance, providing peace of mind to Students and Hosts.

Meridian Homestay Services Professional Indemnity Insurance

Meridian Homestay Services is covered by $5,000,000 of insurance, providing protection to students, hosts, agents and institutions in the event that Meridian Homestay provides negligent advice or provision of services causing a student, host, agent or institution a financial loss.

Important Information for Hosts

Meridian Homestay Services requires all Hosts to provide proof that they are insured for any liability owed to the student.

Should something go wrong and a student slips in your house and sues you for damages, you are probably not covered by your standard home & contents insurance. That is, you may be liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more.

As a Meridian Host you will need to provide evidence that your home or contents liability insurance doesn't exclude claims made against you by students residing in your home.

If your insurance does exclude liability claims made by students, you will be required to purchase HomestayHost Insurance-plus. This insurance is available by calling 1800 88 11 34 or visiting:

The cost is $120 per year for $20,000,000. This covers your liability to students and damage to your contents caused by students. Other benefits are provided and there is no limit on the number of students a Host has.

You will need to quote Meridian Homestay's Host Group Number: NSW07 when purchasing the insurance.


 On behalf of all the members of the Group, I’d like to extend our thanks to you, Meridian Homestay Services Company, and all the Host families for your excellent arrangement and services. Another group will participate in the same training programme next winter at The University. We are looking forward to cooperation with you again. Many thanks! 


Chinese Teachers Study Group