Meridian Testimonials


 A couple of years ago a friend told me about how they had been having homestay students from Meridian Homestay and how they had been enjoying the experience. As we were suffering a bit from the empty nest syndrome :-) as well we called up Meridian to see if we were suitable. Lovely Jane came out to interview us and view the suggested accommodation and before we knew it we were on the list. I must admit to being a bit nervous with the first student - would she like us, our food, her room, the animals? But she settled in quickly and enjoyed her stay as we enjoyed her time with us as well. And that was the start of some wonderful times with people from all over the world - we have had teachers from Korea, students from Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan, China, and Germany to name a few. We have had many laughs and certainly some tears when they leave but with modern technology we keep in touch. Dealing with Meridian has bought us a lot of pleasure and been remarkably problem free. Jane and her girls are the ultimate professionals - great communication skills, and very reliable in regards to information on what, who and when to expect and how they keep track of every body beats me. 


Meridian Host Family


 Dinner time and shower time were early for Japanese. But dinner was very delicious, and the Host family were very kind. We played Kirigami and soccer with children. And we roasted some marshmallows together. Therefore I think my Homestay was a great experience. 


Japanese Student