Agents & Education Providers

Meridian Homestay Services specialises in providing Homestay placements for Agents, Educational Providers, Internship Organisations and others who have the responsibility of finding the highest quality, professionally managed and best value Homestay in Australia.

Meridian Homestay Services operates with the core ethos of:

“The Student Always Comes First”

This means you are putting your trust in a Homestay agency who’s commitment is for every student to have an enjoyable, safe, caring and fun Homestay experience. This will result in positive feedback for your business and the services you are providing to your clients.

Meridian Homestay Services’ professional oversight in selecting where students are placed and with which host allows a greater cross cultural exchange of information and experiences, leading to students being welcomed, respected and feeling part of their new family.

Meridian Homestay Services provides for every student a comprehensive, tailored (for where the student’s Homestay and education provider’s campus is located) orientation kit. This kit also contains key information translated into the student’s native language.

Meridian Homestay Services endeavours to keep prices as low as possible. It is for this reason that Meridian Homestay Services prices are some of the lowest in the industry, without compromising on quality.

Meridian Homestay Services has over 20 years experience in arranging Study Tours.
Please refer to our Study Tours page.

Meridian Homestay Services is one of the few Homestay Agencies in Australia that conform to the Australian Government Supported Standards of:

  • An online portal
  • Provision of guardianship services for Younger Overseas Students
  • Insurance cover for the Students and Hosts
  • Training and support for Host families
  • Signed agreements with all host families
  • Student orientation
  • Guidelines for students and Hosts
  • A 24/7 Emergency Phone support
  • An auditable system for accountability of all payments

Please click on our Fees and Conditions to see the transparency and most competitive pricing in the Australian Homestay market.


 On behalf of all the members of the Group, I’d like to extend our thanks to you, Meridian Homestay Services Company, and all the Host families for your excellent arrangement and services. Another group will participate in the same training programme next winter at The University. We are looking forward to cooperation with you again. Many thanks! 


Chinese Teachers Study Group