Benefits of Adding Double-Glazed Windows to Your Australian Home

Insulated glazing or double-glazing is normally used for home windows and doors. This type of glass is different from standard window glass by having 2 or more panes of glass filled with an insulating air space between the panes. The space between the panes will be freed of moisture before the window is sealed. To have double glazed windows, you may require professional glass workers to fit them.


The common problems that many homeowners face are noise and heat. Single-glazed windows do not help to maintain temperature. Retro fit double glazing becomes an alternative for glass windows and doors, not only for retaining heat and reducing noise levels but also for many other benefits.

Heat Stabilisation Benefits

More than 60% of heat is lost by using standard glass windows. Using double glazed windows can help to maintain the temperature inside the house.

During the winter, double-glazed windows will store the heat inside the house to keep it warm. In the summer, they will insulate it against high temperatures and prevent the heat and UV rays from entering the house.

Reduced Energy Usage Benefits

As they help with keeping the house warm in winter and deflecting heat in the summer, you will use less energy to stabilize the temperature. This can save you money on your energy bill by using the air con less and you will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Benefits of Reduced Condensation

Condensation happens when the moisture in the air meets a cold surface. When using a standard glass pane, cold weather will make the glass cold. The moisture in the air hits the cold glass and creates condensation on the window.

Condensation can make a wooden window frame rotten, it can damage walls, carpets and floors and it is a haven for mould to breed in.

Double glazed windows have airtight seals between the panes, which prevent condensation. You will always have clear windows even when temperature changes.

Increased Security Benefits

Most burglars come in through the windows and doors. Having single glazed windows makes it easier for them to break-in. Double-glazing is locked with multipoint technology and framing security, which makes it tougher to break. Your home will be more secure without having steel bars obscuring the views.

Benefits to Protect Your Furniture

Strong sunlight coming through windows can damage furniture, wood, carpets and paintings. Double-glazing can protect furniture by reducing the UV rays from the sun coming in.

Reduced Noise Benefits

Noise pollution is another annoying problem that homeowners usually suffer from. It is a nightmare having a house nearby a busy road, airport, noisy neighbours or a house with barking dogs.

Double-glazing can make your house 60% quieter due to its double panes. Then you will be able to have a good night’s sleep without being disturbed.


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