Benefits of Go Green Swimming Pools

Hearing the words ‘green swimming pools’ you may imagine green water in a dirty pool. Green swimming pools in this context does not mean a swimming pool that is full of algae, dirt or debris but it means an ‘eco-friendly’ swimming pool. Swimming pool owners know that there are tons of things to consider; electricity costs, cleaning issues, maintaining water levels and the quality of water. A few changes towards creating an eco-friendly pool might benefit yourself and the environment. Here are things which you can change.


Benefits of Green Pool Pumps


Standard pool pumps consume more energy than your entire house! If you are an environmentally concerned person, change your pool pump now. Eco pool pumps and pool filters help a lot with saving money. New technology has produced Eco pumps which use an Eco boost to save up to 85% electricity when compared to traditional pool pumps.


Owning energy efficient equipment can help a lot with your electricity bill. In case you do not want to change, here is a tricky alternative. Use a garden hose to drain a pool!


First, find a place where the water can go to or how to reuse the water. Remember that dumping water on a street is prohibited and make sure you know the chemical levels before using any pool water for watering plants. Tie one side of the garden hose to something heavy and make sure it will not move. Drop it in the deepest point of the pool, make sure the hose isn’t twisted and use your mouth to suck the water from other end until you feel that the water is coming. Then, water will come out automatically. You have to make sure that the disposed water will be used for further benefits and not wasted.


Green Automatic Systems


Energy saving pumps from some companies may be set to run 24/7. There is an automatic system that you can use to set exactly the times when the equipment will run. You can set your pool pump on high settings when you need to clean it or set the lights to automatically turn on or off.


A Pool Cover Will Help You to Go Green


Pools need the water changing. It gets evaporated from the heat and this causes the chemicals to become imbalanced. Dirt and debris will make the pool dirty. Maintaining the pool can waste up to 1,000 gallons a year. Solar pool covers will help to warm your water up so you do not need to need to run a heater. They can also can prevent water evaporation. Moreover, having a pool cover can get rid of debris and leaves that can go in your pool.


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