Host Family Responsibilities & Requirements

  • All host families are firstly visited by Meridian Homestay Services and approved, host will provide a Working with Clearance Check, and commit to Host Insurance.
  • What you do in the first 24 hours will set the scene for your students stay in your home. You must show the student your home and your suburb and read through the Student Orientation and Information Kit with the student on their arrival.
  • The Host family are to provide 7 continental breakfasts and, 7 evening meals each week and lunch on the weekend if the student is home. If you are not home in the evening please leave the evening meal for the student to reheat.
  • The student is to be provided with their own furnished bedroom, a bed, desk, adequate lighting, warmth provided in winter, and cooling in summer, and access to a bathroom, and space to hang their clothing.
  • Bed linen, sheets, quilt cover and bath towel are to be provided.
  • The home must be clean and comfortable - bathrooms and kitchens to be cleanly presented.
  • The student should have access to the kitchen and living rooms and be able to sit with the family to watch television and share in the families activities.
  • Each student is to have their own room, and only share with another if they have requested Twinshare.
  • If you are considering hosting more than one international student please ensure that the students in your home are from different nationalities, so to ensure English will be spoken as the main language.
  • Meridian Homestay Services prefer no more than 3 Students residing in your home.
  • You must be living full time (24 hours a day/7 days a week) with the Student at the address Meridian Homestay Services has on file. This address must be the address Meridian Homestay Services has inspected. Meridian Homestay Services must be notified and kept updated of any changes to your circumstances e.g. new partner, additional family members, etc.
  • Students must be given a key to your home on arrival so they are able to gain access to your home. Please demonstrate how to use the key and/or alarm system.
  • Most International students can speak some level of English, but as this is usually their first prolonged contact with native English speakers they may have some early listening difficultly. Therefore it is necessary to speak in a slow, clear and concise manner, using short sentences. Writing can be much easier than listening for the student, and having a dictionary on hand is also useful, or using a language translation app from your smart phone or tablet device.
  • Utilities (water, electricity, and gas) are included in the Homestay fee Meridian Homestay Services pays you. You cannot charge the Student extra.
  • Some hosts prefer to do all the washing for their student including the bed linen washed weekly. Other hosts prefer the student to do their own personal washing in the washing machine provided within the home. Please provide washing powder and show the student how to use the laundry appliances. You are not allowed to charge the Student for use of the laundry facilities or washing detergents.
  • Please explain to female students the method of disposal of sanitary napkins and tampons by putting them in a brown paper bag in the waste paper bin, this is to avoid flushing.
  • Some students come from locations where the sewerage infrastructure is poor. Confirm with the student all toilet paper is flushed.
  • On the day the student arrives please show them how to use the public transport in your area and assist them to purchase a weekly travel pass, and access timetables.
  • The Student Orientation and Information Kit and Host Confirmation letter is posted to the host family before the student’s arrival in Homestay. You must not remove any of the contents from the Student Orientation and Information Kit.
  • Please place the Student Orientation and Information Kit in a prominent position in their bedroom e.g. on the pillow.
  • Please fold the bed linen corner down, place a chocolate, flower or maybe a guest soap on the fold, also place a clean towel at the end of the bed.
  • When the student arrives physically take the student on the public transport to the College/University/School or Internship they will be attending, or show and follow the bus route by car.
  • On arrival please assist the student to purchase a mobile phone, or get a new sim card. Please set up your student with internet access so they can make contact with their family on arrival.
  • The student should only be charged the actual cost of internet or phone usage. Host must advise the student of this charge on arrival. No more than $10.00 per week may be charged to the Student. Explain to the Student NO DOWNLOADING allowed if your ISP plan has data caps.
  • If you don’t have Internet please assist the student to purchase a wireless USB modem (pre-paid) for around the cost of $30.00 from a Post Office or other Outlets.
  • You must show the student the local shops so they can purchase food for their weekday lunches and snacks. The host will provide the student with space in the fridge and in a cupboard to store their food.
  • Dinner is the most important meal of the day. You must eat with your student, sitting at the table and engage in conversation - providing quality time for your student and family.
  • And lastly, please keep Meridian Homestay Services update with your students progress or any concerns that may impact on their studies and stay in Sydney


    NEW HOST HOME INSPECTION AND SETUP FEE = $30 (This only applies after the inspection visit).
    If you become a successful Host family with Meridian Homestay Services the $30 will be deducted off your first booking and payment.


 The team at Meridian are the most professional, focused and client aware homestay agency in Sydney, I speak from a brilliant six year relationship base. 


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