Homestay Placement

We have interviewed and inspected the Host families and try to match the interests of our students to those of our families. Meridian Homestay Services have spent many years placing students so your Homestay choice is based on our expertise. We will look forward to using our knowledge to make sure you and your Australian family has a great Meridian Homestay experience.

 Airport Pickup

Airport pickup is available upon request. Please make sure your host will be available on the time of your arrival, as most of our hosts work during weekdays. Arriving on the weekend is much more suitable for Host families.

 Emergency Contact

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of emergency - +61 (0) 419 551 623

 Orientation Pack

Upon your arrival, we will supply you with a Student Orientation Pack, which contains homestay guidelines and maps.


You will have convenient access to transport by bus, train or ferry, taking a maximum of 55 minutes to your Institution or Internship location.


 With children in their family, we enjoyed singing and watching TV together. It was fun and also I was able to learn English from them. It was also very enjoyable when we went shopping with my Host mother. She took me to different shops and told me about the Australian culture. It was a great experience to be with my Host family for two weeks and I am very grateful. 


Japanese Student