What Homestay Provides

Welcome to Homestay with Meridian Homestay Services. We would like to share with you a few tips on what you are to expect while staying in Homestay, and we will make a few little suggestions that are required and helpful for you as a Homestay Guest.

  • Homestay offers breakfast and dinner 7 days a week and lunch on weekends if you are home.
  • Your Host will show you the local shops so you can purchase food for your weekday lunches and snacks. Your Host will provide you with space in the fridge and a cupboard to store your food.
  • You will have your own furnished bedroom, a bed, desk, adequate lighting, warmth provided in winter, cooling in summer and access to a bathroom and space to hang your clothes and store your belongings.
  • Bed linen, sheets, quilt cover and towel will be provided.
  • You will have access to the kitchen and living room allowing you to sit with the family, watch television, and share in families activities.
  • Each student will have their own room, and only share with another if they have requested Twinshare.
  • You will be given a key to the home on arrival, so you are able to gain access to the Homestay. The Host will demonstrate how to use the key or alarm system.
  • Your Homestay includes the cost of water, electricity, and gas. You will not be charged extra for these utilities.
  • Some hosts prefer to do all the washing for their student including the bed linen. Other hosts prefer the student to do their own personal washing in the washing machine provided within the home. The host will provide washing powder and show you how to use the laundry appliances.
  • In Homestay you may be asked to assist with the preparation of dinner, setting the table, washing up the dishes, loading the dishwasher or perhaps other light household duties.
  • In Homestay there is a weekly fee for the use of the Internet. The student should only be charged the actual cost of internet or phone usage. The family will advise you of this charge on arrival in their home, $10.00 per week is usual – NO DOWNLOADING.
  • If the Homestay does not provide Internet, or the student chooses to use their own laptop, the host will assist the student to purchase a wireless USB Modem adaptor for around the cost of $30.00 from a Post Office or other outlets.
  • On arrival at Homestay you will receive a Student Orientation and Information Kit, which has been posted to your Host family before your arrival.
  • Inside the Student Orientation and Information Kit there will be the Student Guidelines, brochures, maps and other information about Sydney to make the most of your stay.


 Hello. This was my first homestay, so I was worry about everything. But my Host mother and American foreign student who also lived together with us was very kind to me, the family took us to a restaurant and told the best shops to purchase souvenirs. Everything was good, but the thing I think was best is the existence of foreign student in the Homestay. She was a good friend to talk with and was also a good English teacher. I became able to enjoy a conversation in English better. I really enjoyed life in Homestay! Thank you. 


Japanese Student