What Are Cost Effective Renovations to Increase Property Value

When looking to sell a property or leasing out to people it goes without saying that you will want to maximise your returns by spending the least and getting the maximum back. Whilst there are a great many ways which you can make alterations and improvements to a home, this article will look to focus on those quick-wins which will not set you back much at all, but will improve the demand for, and consequently the value of, a place. Full-scale bathroom renovations or extensive interior design are certainly not things to avoid doing but perhaps you don’t have the budget, desire or time to go about such a great undertaking. Try a few of these ideas and see what works for you without breaking the bank.

Maximise Storage Space to Increase Property Value

Simply adding some inexpensive yet stylish shelves in kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms is a great way to please prospective buyers or leasers. Corners are great for this as you will not use up much of the wall space whilst still providing additional storage. Make use of this new space by filling it with crockery, towels etc. to help highlight the benefit.

Dress-Up the Front Door to Increase Your Properties Value

Clearly the first thing anyone viewing the property will see before entering is the front entrance. This first impression can have a considerable effect on the mood and reaction of the viewers. This need not mean you have to spend a lot of cash. Perhaps frame it with millwork or give it a new lick of paint. If you have windows next to the door try hanging a suspended tea light holder or add some plants either side of the entrance. Have a play with lots of ideas and have a look online but make sure this first impression isn’t a let-down. Make the most of it!

You Need to De-Clutter the Entrance

Having stepped through that newly improved front door a classic mistake is to have a load of clutter immediately on view after having entered. All your hard –work sprucing up the entrance way will be completely undone if the viewers are then greeted by the sight of shoes, coats, dog leads and the like. Either remove it all entirely or re-work the storage options in your porch or hallway.

To Increase Your Properties Value, You Need to Accessorise

Simply buying a few knick-knacks such as rugs, figures, sculptures and similar items can really add colour, design and a sense of a property being cared for and looked after. Potpourri or candles will add scents to the property so be mindful of providing stimulation to various senses. If possible, light the fire too. That’s always a winner in my book.

Fixing the Mod Cons Will Increase Your Properties Value

People are savvy when they look at a property. Given the number of electronic and digital items most people possess nowadays people will check out things such as plug points and TV aerial sockets etc. If your RF aerial socket is faulty you should contact a company and make sure it is up to scratch. Little niggles like this will add up and detract any viewers from moving in as they will consider additional personal costs alongside a lack of attention to detail on the seller or leaser’s behalf.




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