What is Pest Control? Define Pest Control

Define pest control. An insight into our first line of defense against the creepy crawlies

So, just what is pest control? Well, to define pest control, it is an unfortunate but often essential part of life in pretty much any country in the world, including here in Australia.  One of the most prominent things that varies from country to country, and indeed even city to city, is the type of pests that you will encounter.  Pests are, in this case, defined as any undesirable creature that decides your home or business is a good place to unpack their bags, usually to the annoyance or outright horror of the human residents.  Having a pest infest your home or business can be a really distressing and unpleasant experience, so this is where you will need someone with experience to come in!  A pest control specialist, who will have expertise in handling all kinds of pest infestations.


What is pest control? Know your enemy

Australia is blessed with a wonderful climate, beautiful vistas and a myriad of fascinating wildlife, but that wildlife needs to be kept separate from our homes and businesses as when they try and live with us there can be a lot of problems.


Two of the most common and most destructive types of pest you might encounter in and around Sydney, and indeed Australia as a whole, are rodents and termites, with spiders coming in third, closely followed by cockroaches.  Spiders and cockroaches, as well as a variety of other insect species, can usually be dealt with in small numbers using appropriate insecticides and treatments, but extreme care should be taken if you intend to try and tackle spiders yourself as they can be highly aggressive.  In fact, as you are probably aware, there are over 70 venomous species of spiders that live in Australia, with a good number of those posing a serious risk to your health and even your life, so if you are remotely unsure, contact a specialist pest control company and they will make sure the spiders are removed safely.


Define pest control?  Spotting the signs

The first step towards controlling a pest infestation is knowing that you even have one in the first place.  It might sound strange to suggest that you would not even be aware that there were potentially hundreds if not thousands of unwanted lodgers living in your house with you, but the simple fact is that most infestations are not very easily noticed until they have really established themselves.  Although every type of pest is different, there are a few overarching characteristics that they all generally share that you could spot.


  • Watch out for their droppings: any unusual black dots or strange smells could be a sign of an infestation.
  • Look for the damage they cause: rodents and termites might be very different, but they will both eat away at your home, so if you see anything that has changed, and you don’t understand why, this could be a sign.
  • You spot one: if you see any animal that is classed as a pest living in your home, with the possible exception of spiders, then the rule is where there is one, there is usually a lot more!


What is pest control? Controlling rodents

Gaining control of a rodent infestation usually involves laying baited traps to catch and quickly kill as many of the rodents as possible in the shortest amount of time.  Many people will see a rat and purchase a rat trap to try and catch it, but the problem is that by the time a rat gets spotted by you, there will most likely be a lot more living nearby, so a single trap isn’t going to get you very far.  Find a specialist at rodent pest control services will perform a full inspection of your home or business and ascertain where the rodents are nesting before strategically deploying an appropriate number of baited traps to rapidly lower their numbers.  Repeated visits will be needed to clear and rebait the traps, but a pest control expert will be able to get the rodents under control within a relatively short space of time.


Define pest control? Controlling termites

Termites pose a potentially huge problem for homeowners as they can be much harder to detect than rodents, but the damage they cause is much greater and it occurs much faster.  Termites get into anything made of wood inside your home and begin to tunnel through it and break it down, a characteristic that is an important part of the ecosystem of a forest, but really not helpful in a building.  This can rapidly spiral out of control as they reproduce at an alarming rate and are also very efficient, which can lead to floors collapsing, walls crumbling and in extreme cases even roofs falling in.  All of this damage can occur in less than three months from the establishment of a colony in an average sized home if left unchecked.  This is why termite pest control is such a vital service.  A professional pest control team will be able to identify the scale of the infestation and the damage whilst applying appropriate techniques to kill the termites and prevent further infestation, but time is an absolute premium when dealing with termites, any strange damp patches, odd pin prick holes or unexplained differences in appearance of anything wooden, call us right away.


What is pest control? Commercial pest control

Termites do not pose as much of a threat to many businesses as there is a tendency for commercial buildings to be constructed of metal, glass and stone as opposed to wood.  Obviously, this does not cover all businesses, but quite often rodents are the bigger issue for commercial clients.  This is due to the design of the buildings, the increase in waste and the need for larger kitchens and more food as a result.  Businesses also need to get rid of any rodent or pest problems without any delay due to health and hygiene laws, so if you have the slightest suspicion of a pest problem in your business, then call consult with a commercial pest control specialist and let the experts put your mind at ease.  They will have a range of products and solutions to tackle larger buildings and wider problems as well as preventative measures to ensure you never have a problem to begin with, or one that doesn’t reoccur.


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